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Technical View on Indian Politics - BJP vs Congress 2018

This article provides insights on current issues in India and also how India passed four years inside NDA government and reactions of Congress over the cloud of speculations.

Let's start from some of the bigger issues of India.

1. India is more of a service based country. There are import bills that will hit any government on its own.

2. We import goods like crude oil and process it to petrol and services to other countries.

3. The state government is always under pressure as there are no proper rules of development and also lack making an economy builder inside a state.

4. People think everything is done by central government but Indian laws work on the contrary. There is always some equity between center and state.

5. Out of 70 years of Indian Governance, the structure of working is literally never easily changed. Tough to change is because people find it hard to adapt as it was the case before with Congress playing ploys ensure it never happens.

6. But BJP showed some promise towards …