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Intel vs AMD - a tech war on performance as new level of computing awaits

Intel is the most highly rated chip manufacturing company it is obvious to enroll every part of it.

As performance of these processor ( a long plate of transistors) is far more better in comparison to others.

These is a company with all mighty alternative..AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

They are mostly Gaming PC's at first but now with new Ryzen series which can be over clocked to 5GHZ and with 6 core / 12 thread model  also having a performance with CPU world is erupting more now as the competition breakout.

AMD is planning to revolt with 16 core and 32 thread models with lower power consumption and also having Graphics treat of AMD will be rated much better compared to intel's

Now intel views out a new structure of X-series which is a family of i9 processor with AMD benchmarks core technology intel is now ready to break in from 4 to 18 cores are varied in between is rate its power over CPU market intel is clearly with intention making a huge statement in making it viable battle.