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Virat kohli - an innings of character with change in technique

India vs England Day2:

England are cautious about weather...but they get what they asked for....yes,the ball swings more than enough to get rid of Indian batsman more often than not.

Yet England worried about the score 274-10 by India...It looked all grim and dark when wickets falling away with every technical batsman moving out with shake of head.

Yes it poor from Dhawan and Rahul....Due to some exception seam and swing parallelised Indians by Sam Curram.

An Awesome find who will find a role like near future.

Typical English Conditions with ball talks more than commentators...

Lovely to watch as English men as it was they what starved all through these days since Kohli reached there.

But King is always there with pride...its like shadows around the nature cant stop sun shine...

With widened stance and prime defence after being dropped on 21 by David Milan which too was more in control as he played with soft hands.

Much anticipated Dinesh karthik was gone for duck...Jinx will b…

How to solve Android phone problem with touch panel broken...(Temporarily as conditions apply)

Solution to stop auto touches with broken panel

If the touch panel break is minimal and also phone is more auto touches more then this app is perfect solution for you guys

Download android app Partial Screen

How it works is all simple:

As more android phone are coming with capacitive screen which is ideal reason for heating problem.
Touch screen generally works with transfer of charged particles as a full lenght conductive medium is influenced to change in its pulse with respect to touch makes it responsive.

But what happens with broken piece making touches is all becoming auto touches hanging us collapsed more than everything.

This app is built with library function of both view.touchEvent() and view.pointCapture()

As these function provide a point of touch without human interecation (finds auto touches)

Hence the app with these function of pogramming handles



as these functions provide an idea to enable block spot to the touch screen …

Finland Education system - a fairy tale for students

Any government which provide free education needs to be appreciated.But the quality defines whose best.

Here is a note on Finland Education which is more of a dream for others to learn and follow such a way.

Education is important in every aspect...Wait I am from Finland, so i will start learning only from the age of 7...Wow that's cool...

There will be intervals for every period around 15 minutes in them..." Discussion is an art of rectification" Hence proved by their system.

Even possible cases for debate on taking decision in between which will eventually leads to growth both as logical and also with humanitarian side...

As the Government pays high packages for teacher...meant by their service which defines their economy where it stands tall with respect to population of it.

Home Work..." i have school work in finland why then home work???""

All pre-plannings will be made in school work only part of execution with a limit of 30 minutes as it more than that wil…