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Are Cartesian system makes world - a graph and its custom found things...Technology is all simple

Many People wondering what he is saying???? --->only numerical prefix are deciding future,past and present

Yes of course we live in G's and D' which many you guys have came across is g'.Its absolutely right 2G,3G,4G and we are currently making way for 5G that's what makes technology takes its step into life.

The reason here to play with G's and D's is so simple our world and its components have only formed by these two concepts.

G  here refers to Air and space of earth and what D squeeze out is something simple,easy but, wait its lot more important is G which absolutely making Data life and Analytics World. If you believe everything happens for a reason before 20 years then its all fun but today with these technology we can even create a reason to live and why that happend.

A technology is not just a term it has become life making and life breaking.with 5G the data speed will defenitely reaches Gibabyte transfers per second and the world will be full…

India's predicted XI for 1st test against England - reasons

India vs England Test Series 2018

It is one of the most highlighted series of cricket world currently having the facts to prove that Indian test team is currently ranked No.1 which of course based on their previous assignments.Many having doubts over the system as all the matches being played in and around India and to consider these things are India eligible of being No 1 side in the world.

 What makes them special about this Indian team reach there???

It all not about their captain Virat kohli.He has been aggressive but the respect of making a fast bowlers having free to feed their emotions on taking a wicket is what its all about.before virat's captaincy i feel like i never seen a fast bowler having celebration like dale steyn which matters the most as an individual as taking responsibility and holding trust on his ability.

Showing that this is a game of intensity rather waiting for something to happen special.Handling a faster bowler is an art that virat had been showing since his…