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How money plays its game - currency has its edge

The virtual more...The rich you are more...Is life becoming more on contrary of screens with lightings of these embedded machines which have already started getting more Artificial Intelligence.

Now comes to ponder....What is AI ??? then simple as that i makes us lazy and this laziness makes us spend money than time...are we getting nearer ??? may be not!!!

Life style has been the story of human to inject a new habit into and testing all its capabilities which ultimately leaves a new scar over human behaviour or it sometimes sets standard for life.

Is money needed to live here.......

Yes of course we live in community of Globalisation where it plays its own rule of rich gets richer.
Is life becoming more smarter then its down to the line of making money will definitely make another."""oh yaar, then why am still poor????"""

stop spending can be good sound to repel against this loss logic...

Are we more into it????

spill it out!!!!

Basic needs of a community will ne…

Sports gets ugly Kevin (KP) in cricket and Mesut ozil in football

This topic is more of a contro....

Hard to believe what people accepts at one time and then throws out in the next moment

A player of his calibre is not to hold this sake for a picture.Mesut Ozil has got all hike in mid field also emerged as one of the pillers after getting 5 times player of the year.It hard to miss this talented kicker...

Turkish or German what ever be it...he too human minded...played all the way from 2006 to which he reached out now is like rollercoaster ride ending in a diaster.
Too easy to say him turkish but takes heart out when he surpassed all german to reach here....
make a note on hardships of humanity

Thrown away to cricket...
KP(kevin Pieterson) from south africa played for England has the same happy ending....

when ashes 2003 won by the team KP is hero when same lost in 2014 dream all like politics with respect to age of the player and to hide more blame these players get hit on helmet and some of them like Mesut doest wear helmet....

Sports is…

Toy to tech - a comical review of a project

This is all about fun as we are child we played with some kind cars which are so called 'Remote Cars"
it is a project that is made with an idea of making that car to carry things in a particular path way

Making it idea for so funny thing
as we did this project with 8051 microcontroller which is epic as an outdated and also with geared motors which can now be changed with stepper as this can be named as robot to some extent.

Guided path way is the first step to decision making in such case picking gps location is far more easier now than that time its all good memories to play with tech

Have a review on this

A funny project that teaches a lot <--- click there for video

Unpredictable cook vs Underestimated vijay - Ind vs Eng 2018

India vs England 2018 Test Series

High time thinking about Indian openers which many people have underestimated them. They even consider shikar dhawan as a talking point where they forget vijay.In England top order wins many matches because its either more batting friend or on converse.with lot to offer from mind and concentration it lot about how leaving the ball is important.

Mindset of being one down at 1st over and being 150 for no loss.Unfortunately England is a not a place for highest opening stand in tests.

With fast bowlers throwing and playing all guns blasing with batsman having searching for the ball in air oscillation its better to leave and make a bowler angry.

As good as meeting the hotspot of the ball its important to leave a horrible delievery too...its murali vijay will make life of bowler bother more than runs he score which automaticaly makes middle batsman to catch in later part of the match.Dont underestimate
As far as England, they are more unpredictable as Cook is on…

Jos Buttler vs Dinesh Karthik (DK)

India vs England Test Series

     I believe this Test series is very serious for batsmanship.I feel its long time anyteam having wicket keepers play tough against each other. More often this role plays the game changer audition.if anyone of these two make merry then its visual treat for us in India vs England.

With ipl and unorthodox mindset Buttler making him one of the big bite on opposition irrespective of the conditions. scoring more than run a ball in any format is always handy to beat.

With more positive mindset he can win matches on his own (remember 5th odi against australia).He almost have all the backing as Bairstow too is all available to support.Wish him great summer to make a go against Indian seamers and also lucky he is one them who is picking Kuldeep yadav. With more imposing ability becoming one of the need of the hour for English men
Incontrast here comes a handy man, who just now win a match single handedly hitting last ball six over extra cover is something you never im…

More Umesh than Broad minded

While the sunshines in England,Can India make hay....

It is all the talking point on Indian Bowling with respect to England batsman which is negative side on Indians previouly.
To be honest Indian team will not miss Bhuvi and Bumrah because this indian team is far more aggressive and adamant to make all these guys sit back and watch.

People can say he is not taking wickets before that please add reminder how many catches are dropped on his bowling. To be frank it would be more than his wickets. As the fitness bar raised now also with jinx in this side wanna see umesh to fire bullets with proper outswingers.

Dont forget champions trophy where he get those 5 wickets against Australia in warm ups. Also he will be paired up with ishant who will raise his indippers to make statements as English batsmen has got all rounded against kaspaweich in a similar corner.Time to play....Broad too has similar stuff but with age and speed umesh is raring to go with some new stock delievery to take that top…

Will virat raises his bar again ??? Stay virat till they bow down

As August 1,2018 is nearing the questions are raised over the technique of virat kohli against swinging ball.All though its hot out there in England its not all indian cultured season.

Many cant forget these horrible moments of Virat by virtue of 2014 but its all done and dusted.Here we are in 2k18 with all technology support and with hindrance of all shadows bow to this man.
with bat angled down to third man having a widen stance remembering Kallis(South Africa) a lot to ponder over with minimal back lift and hanging the bat to play more square of the wicket rather than pushing drives against the seaming conditions.Though all these are positive elements but there is an area to look over which is the mindset making play(reaching for it) for the 1st half an hour or so and when runs not coming.He is never used to the run-less sessions which making him bit more greedy.

Solution is so simple I have an idea like sachin dont play drives just get 100 by playing square of the wicket and let bowl…