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What's next for India - Peninsular country has a next big thing

What's next for India - Peninsular country has a next big thing

Nothing is great until it is identified

India - a country of an intense population where demand and supply change dramatically, climatic changes over the major part with the silence of diversity.

India is more graph in crafting itself in many ways. With the history providing data of unfortunate numbers in the wealth capacity, but with time, even those numbers show it all belonged to Indians than what they called a "materials".

Is India richer in technology, now many of us have crossed the fingers? 

Don't mind any proof, India is a place for where technology fits best. Even the world's famous Rolls Royce has been used for cleaning roads in India.

Let's come to 2018, with emerging world's number 7 in GDP is not just service, manufacturing and Agriculture.

People in science say " Energy is neither created nor destroyed", but India is having big numbers in consumption of energy over the years.

India's GDP is proportional to Energy Consumption.

India - GDP to Energy Consumption over years
With the need for energy growing every hour, as we move more towards a digital world, electric vehicles.

Graph blows more coal, Lignite, LPG, renewable energy sources and even more,

Here is the latest power consumption data,

Government posing for more electricity usage in every year, leading to new demand of sources available.

Even the world would stop coal usage by 2030, the innovation is around the corner to make a new one to follow.

There are new ways of power generation around the world, one such is especially suited for India,

As a peninsular country, having a larger coastal land area,

Coastal data
Length of coastline
7516.6 km
Mainland: 5422.6 km
Island Territories: 2094 km
Total Land Area
3,287,263 km²
Area of the continental shelf
372,424 km²
Territorial sea (up to 12 nautical miles)
193,834 km²
Exclusive Economic Zone
2.02 x106 million km²
The Maritime States and UT
Number of coastal States and Union Territories
Nine states
1.      Gujarat
2.      Maharashtra
3.      Goa
4.      Karnataka
5.      Kerala
6.      Tamil Nadu
7.      Andhra Pradesh
8.      Odisha
9.      West Bengal
Two Union Territories
1.      Daman & Diu
2.      Puducherry
Island Territories
1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Bay of Bengal)
2. Lakshadweep Islands (Arabian Sea)
Total number of coastal districts
66 coastal districts in mainland India; 3 in Andaman & Nicobar and 1 in Lakshadweep
Coastal Geomorphology (Mainland)
Sandy Beach
43 %
Rocky Coast
Muddy Flats
Marshy Coast
Coastline affected by erosion
1624.435 km mainland
132 (islands) (CPDAC)
Total Population of India
1.28 billion (Census 2014, Source:
The population of Coastal States and Union Territories
560 million
The population of Island Territories
0.44 million
Total Population of coastal districts
171 million
Percentage of population in coastal districts of India
14.2 %
Coastal Ecosystems
Coastal wetlands
43230 km²
Major estuaries
Major Lagoons
Mangrove Areas
Area under mangroves
6740 km² (57% East coast,23% west coast, 20% Andaman &Nicobar Islands)
Coral Reef Areas
Marine Protected Areas
Area Covered by MPA
6271.2 km²
Coastal Biodiversity
Marine Algae
217 genera  844 species
6 genera 14 species
25 families, 43 genera, 39 species
Associated flora: 420
Associated fauna: 1862
2934 species
3370 species
765 species
Hard Corals
218 species
2546 species
5 sea turtle species
26 sea snake species
Marine Mammals
25 reported from Indian waters
3 species of cetaceans: Irrawaddy dolphin, Ganges River Dolphin, and Sperm whale; Dugong listed in Schedule I of Wildlife Act 1972
Marine Fisheries (Source: CMFRI)
Number of Marine Fishing Villages
3288 (CMFRI Census 2010)
Fishermen Population
about 4 million comprising in 864,550 families
Number of Fishing Harbours
Major fishing harbors: 6
Minor fishing harbors: 40
Number of Fish Landing Centres
1511 (CMFRI Census 2010)
Estimated marine Fish Landing
3820207 tonnes  (2011)
Fishing craft
194,490 crafts
mechanized: 37%
motorized:  37%
non-motorized: 26%
Ports and Harbours (Source: Indian Ports Association)
Major Ports
State-wise number of ports
Gujarat: 40
Maharashtra: 53
Goa: 5
Daman & Diu: 2
Karnataka: 10
Kerala: 13
Lakshadweep Islands: 10
Tamil Nadu: 15
Puducherry: 1
Andhra Pradesh: 12
Odisha: 2
West Bengal: 1
Andaman & Nicobar Islands: 23

All these areas have been the heart of trading hence, these are already maintained to the core to establish a new technology.

These structured lifelines to implement a technology favoring the power generation could possibly make India, a natural power maker to improve the standard of life.

This method is more renewable than any other present method.

There are also other sources of making nuclear power generation in India, read here on for more

Here is the technology for coastal areas,

If you have found any interesting technology similar to this, please share and make everyone aware.

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