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Structure Core - a sensor for future

Structure Core - a sensor for future
This article gives an insight into human changes over vision and their growth over technology makes big statements in building one's individual life.

Education and its evolution have a big graph on human life. In certain levels, structured education can be found from 3rd or 4th millennium BC. What education means is sharing an experience or making someone aware of something before experiencing in the other's life.

Education in the earlier days is more related to creating a perception. With time lag and individuality featured to find a huge amount of difference between one occurrence and another, People started asking for proof.

Proof - an evidence of an event 

With the proof of patterns makes way for data science, the percentage game starts here.

A proof having higher percentages making more valid perceptions in the brain as we started reading more deeply into life situations.

These deep situations create our own reality - a way to live in this world.

The structure formations of every occurrence are noted in a specific method by using languages. Thus, alphabets found a strong case to be part of life. Are these alphabets enough to get everything proven? No.

Again, a rise of proof in these languages making a need to enable a viable life.

Hence, one-dimensional studies started, we kept noting down every data getting into life and making a reference from the past to act better in the future.

Lines are formed and created an artistic view, a well structured educational medium is formed and followed in every part.

This lead to the famous conclusion of how to make a line smaller?

_____________ (make this one smaller)

_______________________(draw a big one next to it)

Thus a layer of perception is made into 2 Dimensional.

2 Dimensional is everywhere to fill in the human transformation, paves for writing, drawing and effective proofs are modeled and explained in an optimistic way.

This medium creates a lively one making effective thinking possible and with the rise knowledge and experience game of percentages slides to another need cycle.

The graph is the main source of 2D explanation but it is one of the intuition to go for 3D.

3D - hah we got a new one but wait... by nature, our eyes are capable of this...then why it takes these years to reach here?

It is just because of demand and supply cycle or the rise in the level of education.

3D - a similarity to human vision. Mapping the world in human view can be starting of the Human level of lifestyle.

With sensors gives a way to find data, here comes a sensor which projects data in a 3D form.

Structure Core - a product for the 2D camera to effectively perceive the 3D view effectively.

Occipital's underlying expanded reality module, the Structure Sensor, gave iPhones and iPads the profundity detecting capacities of the HoloLens. Presently, the organization's most recent item guarantees to do likewise for Android gadgets, and in addition, expanded reality and augmented reality headsets and different gadgets.

With the demand of 3D view and 3D objectives in human life, Augmented reality and Virtual Reality devices finding a path, this device supports a new line of 3D life creating stimuli.

Certainly, Humanoid robots with human eyes are mere possible to create a view on 3D.

In the reverse perception, Human eyes can be made of these as neural networks support these systems.

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