Komari Disease or Foot Mouth Disease - How to prevent and cure disease

Cattles have been the main source of Agriculture. People love them and even make them feel like a family member. There has been a famous revolution for Cow " Jallikattu".

But now in the south Asian countries, especially in India where the breed of Jersy is bound to death by the Komari disease. This disease causes wound on various parts of Cow and also more saliva would be found engaged in the mouth of Cow.

Wounds in the Foot gaps, mouth, nostrils and tongue are the sign of Komari disease. In English, this disease is called "Foot and Mouth" disease. 

This disease is mainly due to a worm which is growing inside the body of Cow 

There is no curing possibility in medical studies. But in Tamilnadu, there has been a source of medicine found on nature and there method is to follow

  • Pig cholesterol or oil with Banana for a week is a solution 
  • Soaking Dried fish in water and using it as Antibiotic for Cow is a prevention method
  • Neem Oil or Punga Oil, Turmeric powder, Kungumam mixed paste should be applied in the wounded places.
  • Tilak ( Nama katti) + Lemon Juice would enable milking capability since this disease would stop milking and make milk to stock on hold.
  • Banana + Sesame Oil + poppy seeds should be ground and feed to Cow 
  • Solanum nigrum (European black nightshade, Manathakkali Leaves) + Curb would cool the body of Cow eventually lesser impact of the disease.
  • By using the above materials the worm will be slowly made to death and Cow can be saved from death

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