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Human Rights - Nation Rights - A Right to live in this World

Human Rights - Nation Rights - A Right to live in this World
Are Human rights being individualized more and more?

Yes, Right is a way of personalization which latter becomes personified as law.

Doubt over Rights?

  As a person of 2018 with being in the state of mind where everything is science and a search for definitions all around us. Is all that just for the sake of a right?

Yes, We love to hold an authoritative gesture of creating an idea or being a leader who takes right to fight for their own creations.

For instance, the Famous inference of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates right over computing. Actually, they both studied the book of IBM computers and remodeled it to their layer of creativity.

still, there is more business inside these as both made a successful market and these clashes actually create others to leave out the computing idea of making their own in reference to IBM. Is this is just a game played on?

Right - a limited edition  

Laws, rules, regulations are making people one dimensional or even killing more creative thoughts.

As a Human, I have 24 hrs a day - I do various things and why should I cultured to earnings?

People are made, the right to earn which remains the theme of many high-tech business giants.

But these restrictions are not just for people but also for the lawmakers - the so-called Government.

For example, Trump in the latest news will be releasing a press note on Granting 8 Countries to buy oil from Iran.

For more on that read here

The supposed mandatory countries of this note are India, China, Japan, South Korea and more to follow on.

Question: Is there is something called Nation Rights?

No, nothing like that - people are played by business structure nowadays. It is something similar to bribe.

Take this as an example, I am a school student, studying in 6th standard, I read a book called The Secret -Rhonda Byrne. If I was asked not to implement things that are in the book before I gave credit to the author. Is this is possible?

As Human and the growth of mind, we are peaked to have the liberty of having the same right as a government or individual.

In a world, where the US has the right to buy Oil and other countries don't have the right to buy oil from Iran is all a factor of bribe.

We are limited to the Business structure where the value of money or so-called resources playing its game on the richful minds. Do people tend to follow rather asking why I should I do this?

But, the factor is even Governments are considered in being rich or classy looks as their gain power over being authoritative to the world.

Just think about How have made computer if you know it from IBM before or after Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?

No data can be made as a right - its common to the world...

Only Business models rule the world not the Countries Government

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