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Yet Another Facebook ploy of Marketing - Dont use Multi-Factor Authentication

Yet Another Facebook ploy of Marketing - Dont use Multi-Factor Authentication
Marketing is a huge game played everywhere with or without Intelligence at times. People are made out sarcastic in possible ways.

Why ?

Collection of data - Just for controlling a problem or cause you need data in general science but these top companies are applying it to human.

Finding who you are is their job to sell a product which you need is something curious.But they even make you feel about a product and  pop up your inside brain.

People talking about hackers of computer...

To be straight forward...This is ETHICAL HUMAN HACKING

Previously in regard to elections of US - Trump strategy of targeting social media as vote banks have been proved out to be successful.

Here comes another big one....

with 2234 million users and counting not just about to done with this.

Facebook is recently updated security called 2Factor authentication which is the new trick of their advertising committee.

It reaches out to your mobile every time with an sms which would give them the information of your location and also Whats app number.

Facebook is sharing your online availability to show ads for your current needs to their advertisers.

This means regardless of whether you don't need Facebook to enable sponsors to target you by your phone number, Facebook is as yet figuring out how to give publicists a chance to target you by your telephone number and other individual points of interest. This is even valid in the event that you actually don't give Facebook your phone number. On the off chance that you gave Facebook a phony email account when you joined, in the background, they realize what your genuine email account is with phone number registered with Google mail.

Even Instagram is creating depression on people as it is making people selling their own life.

These MNC's ruining the whole of life of individuals which is becoming useless.

Is world becoming not the place to live...

Human Rights will be heading towards next something for RIGHT TO LIVE...


  1. Wow, this is horrible advice. If you're concerned about marketing by Facebook using your personal data, then don't use Facebook. If you must use Facebook, then you should absolutely enable 2FA.


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