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US vs China - Embedded code vs Embedded chips

US vs China - Embedded code vs Embedded chips
This article provides information on globalization impact and how China becomes ruthless powered incoming age.

Spy adds more spicy moments to every event of the war front.

The battle is just to hold a fort of their own in the economic world. As the US up their tempo on making dollars sounding big on their value by raising taxes in the global market and also introducing EMV cards which are the huge impact in the future.

EMV debit/credit cards are primarily introduced to the fate raising the online transactions. EMV - Europay Mastero Visa card is an embedded chip-based system which works on a dynamic data encryption making more server-based online money transaction than client-based as off now.

Also, previous debit/credit cards have static data encrypted with the dynamic script as a security layer but with EMV, client-server sync adds values to security and also more programmable with respect to the client system.

These systems enable a futuristic world of transactions as embedding EMV on cars, bikes, trucks, mobiles is possible making virtual money available anywhere to use

But what is here between these two countries?

Vendor of this system is the Chinese, which has raised many eyebrows after the recent Chinese hardware attack.

As China is the largest manufacturer in electronics ranging nearly 75% of mobiles and 90% PCs. AWS - elemental having a recent threat of hardware changes with respect to the design provided which has been delivered by Super Micro Computer which has been hit really hard by Bloomberg CIA.

Apple Inc having been made into an an investigation on claims on this fro nt. Since AWS - elemental enrolled their casethe to the US.

The problem of this case is that super micro computer providing a bug inside the motherboard which has been found on hardware testing. This bug helps to acquire data from servers. The super micro computer has denied all reports on them.

AWS -elemental is a company providing services on live streaming of events and API resource vendor on large scale has taken a huge bid on this issue.

The US has a large number of software hackers playing their game but China, on the other hand, sizzles their ramp with hardware which will impact other countries datum.

With globalization impacting life with technologies, making human to spend their hardships everywhere. The hardware hacks will eventually take data out of skins. Obvious the war between these giants will impact on the dependent sub-countries like India which have made huge investments on technology.

Chinese cybersecurity has reported just like a Facebook's report on electoral marketing by saying " even China has been victim to these data hacks" .

As these countries ruining data of other countries either by wealth control like dollars for US or chip hack by china, tough to stop a war on these cases as supporting them are bound structure of other country will lead to a peaceless life of human.

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