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Smart City - A Red Alert to Humanity - A Right to Freedom

Smart City - A Red Alert to Humanity - A Right to Freedom

Out of 959,000 applications broke down from the Google Play store, 88 percent sent information to Google, as per Business Insider.

A little more than 42 percent of applications additionally sent information to Facebook, while a little more than 33 percent sent information to Twitter.

"Data that could be shared by means of 3rd party applications could incorporate things like age, sexual orientation, and area," detailed Business Insider. "The investigation said the middle application could exchange information to five tracker organizations, which could send the information along to firms like Google."

Google, be that as it may, questioned the aftereffects of the investigation.

"We can't help contradicting the technique and the discoveries of this investigation. It misrepresents common practical administrations like accident detailing an investigation, and how applications share information to convey those administrations," proclaimed a Google representative to Business Insider.

"Crosswise over Google, and in Google Play, we have clear arrangements and rules for how designers and outsider applications can deal with information and we expect engineers to be straightforward and request client consent. In the event that an application disregards our arrangements, we make a move."

A month ago, Google started logging clients into their Google accounts through the Chrome browser without requesting consent or informing the people, making privacy concerns.

In 2017, it was additionally detailed that both South Korea and the United Kingdom were examining Google for gathering information on clients without authorization.

In this series of Privacy going for a toss, here comes a major issue. A sister company of Google, SideWalk labs currently working on building a smart city project.

The Top cader, Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s former privacy commissioner has resigned from her consulting role at a company that is preparing to build a high-tech community at Toronto’s waterfront, citing concerns that a privacy framework she developed is being overlooked.

She made a strong report to Global news about this problem of People's privacy over the project.

“I felt I had no choice because I had been told by Sidewalk Labs that all of the data collected will be de-identified at the source,” she said.

But last Thursday, at a gathering, she said she discovered that wasn't the case with the organization, which contributed $40 million to create innovation for a downtown Toronto keen city venture.

"Sidewalk said while they would commit to doing it, the other parties involved in these new entities they’ve created…they couldn’t make them do it,” she said.

As this further proceed to design explanation in October, the rise of concern exceeds bigger as CEO of Blackberry called the project as

 "a colonizing experiment in surveillance capitalism.”

“Your personal information, your privacy is critical. It is not just a fundamental human right. It forms the foundation of our freedom,” Ann expressed their primary flaws.

With finest framework developer having a trouble in being a Smart city  then why people are in hurry to implement this high risky stuffs.

The data ruining the major part of human life will be out of nature which already showing huge implications.

This rift might just open out many questions of why we are using Android and why we should depend on Google for everything?

The answer to this is " Our Choice"

Choose wisely and Live with Freedom 

Smartness is not mandatory to cities but just for People to lead a happy life.


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