ICANN -  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is so called Non - profit agency tag...

But then why do you pay for Domain?

Actually, I don't know is the best answer.

But what is the shutdown process?

It means an update and validation on the DNS (Domain Name Server) names availability and improving KSK (Key Signing Key ) encryption.

DNS changes will reflect back in not working of the .com, .in, .co all these won't be working for a particular period.

The ICANN will be under server maintenance which actually making is parsing for IPV6 as 5G network IP ranges will be envolving around IP6.

These changes would not be found as India as network speed in India is pretty lower as 3G named 4G.

The network from DSL and Special Internet Lines of ranging over 250 Mbps might find a detection of internet fluctuation other might not found this might happen as network routing changes are easily changed through telecommunication channels such as it the data transfer found in satellite and large towers which having more higher frequency making sure in faster responses.

Hence, Internet shutdown can be so-called fake news but actually happens in seconds of data entry through update query of ICANN database.

But my doubt is again why we buy domains which are from a Non-Profit Organisation.

Who allowed ISP to the private sector through ICANN?

Is there anyone to work on this?