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Microsoft ends fight - decides to start embedded life

Microsoft ends fight - decides to start embedded life
Microsoft have large history in tech controversy. From their birth to boon, a secular limits have been made in every proceeding they have made.

From Bill Gates then Steve Ballmer are the largest fighter against the open source software community, with period evolution of Windows and its service being in large dislike over their rising competitors, Here comes a shocking news but bit late in order.

Microsoft under new CEO Satya Nandella, an optimistic Indian finding foot on business scale with more open minded towards the current scenario rather than being rigid to the core of securing patents and fighting for a right to programming.

With Microsoft entering OPEN INVENTION NETWORK is huge call but many doesn't believe its side of powerful game.

Yes, finally Microsoft releases 60,000 patents to open source community. The company's latest acquisition GIT HUB is a huge step into open source.
There is no surprise to some people, as Azure is more Linux based than Windows hence it is a move more premeditated as cloud service will boon to their side.

OIN is contained in excess of 2600 individuals including SpaceX, Sony, Google, IBM, SUSE, Canonical and Ford. With the expansion of Microsoft, OIN individuals access a stunning 60,000 of Microsoft's licenses, a large number of which focus on the Android biological system. For instance, Samsung pays a sovereignty to Microsoft for each and every telephone it dispatches in return for utilizing its exFAT record framework. What's more, there are hundreds all the more just in that space. From now, this significant heap of IP ends up accessible sovereignty free, with an unhindered permit.

It is kind of stop fighting with small companies on management arguments and making sounding Engineering competition on technicality which Microsoft is much more matured to play their game.

With E-Sim, Raspberry Pi and wide range of embedded programming on IOT and AI is still under development, Microsoft position itself to rise the bar on its own fort.

As valued developers would play it out Windows on these open source medium.

As Microsoft could take source on cloud enabling services.
For enabling more success in Form Factor, Surface and Azure being the key ones to take charge with VR to follow.

It is step further in the world stage of Technologies blink.

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