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How to reduce the price of petrol - its people's option

How to reduce the price of petrol - its people's option
This article gives an idea about alternative fuel and its politics in real life.

Courtesy: Praveen Kumar

Whenever the demand for petrol raises there comes so many ideas to tackle. As the world proves this case many times " Demand is the mother of Inventions".

But, this idea is not a revolutionary one but the solution which is not implemented as people have already become money minded.

What is the solution?

Ethanol - which is a kind of bio-fuel yet it is one of easiest solution.

It is a chemical substituent which is already added in alcohol and many sweetening agents.

How to make ethanol?

Ethanol is a composition which is an additive to petrol, reducing the usage of petrol consumption.
India is a country using only 4% whereas in Brazil using around 20%.

Ethanol is not something strange or awkward one. People are well known about this. It is from the backbone of the Indian economy, nothing Agriculture. Yes, Ethanol can be produced and it is also a renewable one and also to the surprise, its biological.

Sources of Ethanol: Corn, rice straw, Sugar Beets, Sugar Cane, Wood pulp, Switch grass or even degradable waste.

By graining, these waste into finer particles making it mix with water and special acid enzymes to stirrer it further in the Fermentation process, don't fear about this process. It is all known by yourself, just read 12th chemistry 6th chapter where the extraction of glucose using this process is explained to the best.

Now with glucose available make it you're daily idly/dosa special additive Yeast which would give a certain amount of Ethanol but to purify and add more value to ethanol extract again by boiling it and condense the vapour out resulting in the purest form. But purest form doesn't have any value so kindly mix with petrol of 10% or LPG abstracts to work better as fuel.

Why it is not yet done?

Everyone will have this question since all is good about Ethanol why it is not yet done.

Answer: Because of you and your mindset

If this is the stake of making sugar producer by enabling them to produce ethanol, Farmers would have more income. Helping farmers are not a bad thing but why the government didn't go for it.

If you allow this, there will be a huge rush from farmers in producing the sugarcane resulting in demand for other agricultural products.
This one thing will raise the cost of other products is the abled reason from the Government.

Underestimating human values lead to the rise in petrol prices. If the government starts investing inside India will make the cut above these things.

No way out?

Two proper solutions are readily available.

1. Government to take over this sector of sugarcane demand with stabilising the production of all other agricultural demands that the country is planning towards. Making a proper market for the whole agriculture.

Since Agriculture is not in control of anyone to take a point, it needed more support from everyone.

2. Making a proper channel/machine for producing ethanol for every individual. Ethanol making process will be talking about more days count in production is a case to ponder on.

Don't go for a race...everyone has a life...if supported many causes to live...

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