Google - A Corporate Criminal

      You've all observed the well known moment the answer highlighted on Google. seeking an extremely convenient answer which is definitely Google duplicate from Duck Duck Go.

Are you kidding?

On the off chance that you haven't met Duck Duck Go web crawler that doesn't track you. This is being the promoting methodology for Duck Duck Go ever since its inception in 2008. It is being effective enough in making Google feel something secure. The Google search giant would even engage in anti-competitive trade blockade to make sure switching to Duck Duck Go. It is difficult for the new user as possible.


What’s the difference between Duck Duck Go and Google?
What does it mean when a search engine is private?
What can you gain from switching to Duck Duck Go?

The Propaganda Engine: 

Search engines are your second gatekeepers to the internet right after internet service providers. That's especially true for Google which enjoys 70-90% market share across the globe. If Google tweaks a what and how results appear on the first page that would change how a lot of people think about certain topics.

Google notoriously develops more and more of its own tools that didn't put in front of organic search results. Google’s automated response machine that tries to find a single answer to an increasingly wider scope of questions.

For example, is Google spying on me? there are multiple things wrong with this approach. If you know anything about Google's privacy invasion, you know this is a total fabrication but to the initiated, it paints a delusion that there is no issue with privacy on Google.

Because Google said they don't listen to people's conversations, Google fabricates a statement and then argues against it. This question has never been the core position of privacy advocates. The charge against Google is the lack of transparency in clear consent.

Average users don't understand how much Google knows about them and what they do with their data. Google artificially manufactures user consent through its vague and broad terms of service and complicated privacy settings. Even if people choose to opt out of privacy-invasive practices, Google proactively tracks them without their consent.

Google collects your location, read your emails, logs your browsing in search history, follows your purchasing records even in offline stores. That’s called stalking, spying, tracking, snooping, snatching, but makes us ignorant and psychotic.

Should this be the answering said, no?

There shouldn't be an instant result. Answers are good for questions that have one exact real-world answer like calculations scientific and historical facts or biography.

What’s not that should be left to the organic search results means that all Page's are index based on the search term in the content of the websites alone and they're ranked according to how well these two parameters match.

If it's not organic then Google should disclose that information each time it manipulates search results. Google never tells you this.

why is organic search so important because Google it doesn't show you what the internet actually is about it shows you an agenda and this is the second big problem with Google search layout.

Look at how much space this question takes out of the screen it's pushed organic results way down the page making you scroll and spending more time if you want to find more internet content.

If you compare that to Duck Duck Go the privacy search engine places organic results in the center of your attention an instant answer is on the side as a consequence of this approach Google. It doesn't include organic articles like this one from the Guardian.

The reports in the chrome browser turning on microphones and recording audio without user consent even if you Decreases the screen real estate. Duck Duck Go rather takes the instant answer and shows the importance of organic search results meanwhile Google sacrifices Searching internally to favorites own services.

Gabriel vs Goliath: 

Google wants to control what people get to see. DuckDuckGo strikes this issue head-on. Google can't compete with the Duck Duck Go business model because it goes directly against everything. That did allow Google to grow to such a monstrous size.

Instead, the corporate monopoly went for a different strategy, Google has bought the domain that used to redirect users to Gabriel Wimber the founder of DuckDuckGo claim to Google made it impossible for users to change their default search engine DuckDuckGo on chrome for entry to an iOS.

Seems Google was fined $5 billion by the EU for abusing its market dominance the search. Goliath stopped redirecting to its main the main after 6 years. Instead, each point than an empty page that gives users ugly looking links to go Duck Duck Go or Wikipedia. Google still refuses to sell the domain to DuckDuckGo despite Williamsburg's long efforts to establish shorter and more user-friendly domaining.

The Filter Bubble Burst: 

One of the biggest problems modern society faces with social media and big platforms. In general, the data create automated echo chambers around people's individual profiles. Simply to get people to click on ads, this so-called filter bubble.

In the case of search engines, Google is over personalizing your search results. Create a perspective that in line with their political beliefs and opinions. Duck Duck Go doesn't have a filter bubble, its search results are derived from over four hundred sources that include big search engines like Bing or Yahoo but also Duck Duck Go owns web crawlers.

Its organic results aren't intervened by personalized filters because Duck Duck Go doesn't maintain a personal profile on you like Google does.

Google tracks your entire activity on the internet and even in the offline retail world. Google knows that you have been view recently what you bought in that a retail store yesterday? What you searched for which websites visited? What movies you like? What books you read? Comments you posted? Politics you along with and believes you hold these are information that is relevant to advertising campaigns but doesn't contribute to the quality of organic search.

Google’s results are not well the internet is about. It's google ’s projection of their perception about your psychology. It's what Google wants to make you think or thinks it would make you click on more ads what matters is not a weather does and to work. but that what you see on Google is no longer the organic search you would expect from a traditional search engine like DuckDuckGo.

Machine Learning: 

You can easily measure how dramatic the differences between search results on Google and DuckDuckGo. Especially when it comes to controversial or highly politicized topics.

For example, "is climate change a hoax?" At first glance we can already see the differences while completely absent from Google's results Duck Duck Go ranks climate change denying website quite high like Beauregard or

Why is that? Well, this because an article like this top ten reasons climate change is a hoax or climate change the hoax scored very well with search engine optimization. Articles like these are going to be filled with keywords like climate change is real or a hoax. I think it's a hoax and here is why. Climate change is a hoax global warming is a hoax complete hoax. It calls the climate change industry hoax and so on.

These are keywords that help search engines automatically evaluate how relevant certain content is to search terms in a nonjudgemental utility function of algorithms. an article arguing for climate change is going to fever of these keywords in this is not going to rank well with search engines even though the search term is the questioning human language.

Duck Duck Go engine approaches it like any other search terms. Google, on the other hand, ranks NASA article on climate change second despite the fact it contains the word hoax not even once.

You might think Google is doing the world a service because it promotes scientific articles about conspiracy theories but you need to think about the mechanism that's behind a good intention. There is no reason for this particular NASA article to rank so high on this particular search term.

It ranks well when you enter climate change as a search term. It's not fair for "is climate change a hoax" term when it comes to the search engine game. Google is making unilateral decisions on what should appear in the search engine taking over user responsibility for finding the right answer.

Google has admitted that it does manipulate search on purpose paving its way with another good intention to stop extremists. Google was promoting anti-ISIS ads when somebody searched for propaganda materials, again you might say great there are brutal enemies no harm is done. but with this means is that Google is no longer playing a fair game and writing its own rules on what is and isn't okay to see without asking anyone, giving users a choice or even letting people know.

If you still think Google is on the right side of the history with these two examples. Then you need to look no further than 2016, U. S. presidential elections. It was a viral conspiracy theory that Google was promoting Hillary Clinton by hiding incriminating search suggestions that had anything to do with the word crime. Google autocomplete function automatically filled in Hillary Clinton crime bill and crisis.

Do the same on Bing or Yahoo you get Hillary Clinton, criminal. Until Google came with a brilliant defense that they don't do it is with just Hillary Clinton. They do it is for every established personality.

For example, Google filter is popular suggestions next to Donald Trump blank allegations miss conduct an investigation .when you type in Clinton foundation Google filters out scandal corruption investigation in person teach to charity.

Why is Google doing this? 

In an official statement, Google says its policy is to not show at the predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with the person's name not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.

Maybe a noble cause but it is also in heating the free flow of information. Google is an internet gatekeeper which for many users means Google is our primary source of information in crucial moments during election campaigns search engine suggestions about any incriminating incident of a candidate appearing due to a spike in search volume can inform voters about something that could affect their choice.

Google could have decided to stay away out of this, may letting the algorithm do what it does best showing the internet help people make it. Instead, Google made a conscious decision to show the internet how Google thinks it should be. 

Resistance is not futile: 

DuckDuckGo is surging in popularity serving 30 million quarries per day but after 10 years of existence, this is still a much slower growth than Google. When this search began with announcing to go public in 2004. 6 years after its creation it was serving more than 200 million searches per day and today that number is as high as 3.5 billion.

DuckDuckGo is still not a threat to Google but maybe it doesn't have to be. Maybe all it needs is to be a choice for users to search the web privately and neutrally.

Google doesn't like competition and it has a long history of anti-competitive practices.

For example, Google promotes its own review services before ways more popular options like yelp or trip advisor. DuckDuckGo promotes yelp reviews involve other services but it is not in the way of organic results.

It's on the side and on smaller reservations it disappears completely leaving only organic results on the screen when you search for a place Google obviously promote Google maps, but Duck Duck Go gives you several options to choose from.

Google wants to keep you in its own ecosystem a walled garden but the price you pay for Google holding your hand at all times it's too high. It hurts small businesses cripples consumer choice resulting in censorship and built a massive surveillance state and nothing you do is private anymore.

Duck Duck Go is serious about a choice you can customize our theme turn advertisements off and you can even use Duck Duck Go completely anonymously on any link. 

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