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Future of Actors and Actress in trouble - only tech wins

Future of Actors and Actress in trouble - only tech wins
Techie' people always prefer to be crazy people. Robotic systems which are mainly based on actuation with the support of springs, linear conveyor styles or even aerial extrusion mechanism of flexible joints.

May be technically these are more related to Engineers who are fond of build robots.

What's here for a common man?

Technology is not just term to refer because it has already ruined our life and even it is ruling many things inside human both biological and even spritually on requirements.

Entertainment is a huge industry where creating identity and mass following crazy crowds are found. Even there technical have evolved over period as camera, make-up, Computer Graphics and even animated movies are ranging its market in you-tube and Netflix as theater losing its pole in this decade.

Yet, scripts and people like Christopher Nolan who hate technology as it affects the reality to some extent. These people produce a case of Human being the prime priority than technology. People can debate big on this later.

As many countries producing more Engineering Graduates, then technology will eventually play its route to life inside it.

As Cinema will be indeed on the broad band of performance and its naturalism.With Artificial Intelligence and growth of processors might largely affect natural stuff in some cases. But here comes a robot which does many performances with low error.

Terminator is a movie where actor becomes robot or machine but sooner a machine could be in reach of becoming actor or actress with respect to perfection as this is becoming a right of designing variants in robots.

Find a sample of this crazy stuff here...

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