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Technical View on Indian Politics - BJP vs Congress 2018

Technical View on Indian Politics - BJP vs Congress 2018

This article provides insights on current issues in India and also how India passed four years inside NDA government and reactions of Congress over the cloud of speculations.

Let's start from some of the bigger issues of India.

1. India is more of a service based country. There are import bills that will hit any government on its own.

2. We import goods like crude oil and process it to petrol and services to other countries.

3. The state government is always under pressure as there are no proper rules of development and also lack making an economy builder inside a state.

4. People think everything is done by central government but Indian laws work on the contrary. There is always some equity between center and state.

5. Out of 70 years of Indian Governance, the structure of working is literally never easily changed. Tough to change is because people find it hard to adapt as it was the case before with Congress playing ploys ensure it never happens.

6. But BJP showed some promise towards changes to solve problems like making India a country which can run on its own.

7. Of course, People didn't get it in a right way. With the below-par performance of state government which never looked good.

8. Hindustan ( a bad phrase on BJP because of Congress while BJP accepting it to their ploy).

       What happened in 2014, India has a GDP of 7.2 %, now it was 8.2%, it doesn't show any big development. Yes, the rise of GDP is below par in performance. 70% debt to GDP is the actual rate but now it is just 45.05 %.

What this is showing?

       Since we are service based we borrow from other countries, make it to service to some others and earn from them where we are made to pay interest in response to debt. 

       But we are now on a scale of low borrow to pay the interest rate. To review, personal debt on every citizen in 2015 was about 70,000 it has slowed down towards 55,000. Saving of about 2 Lakh crores after Demonetization and income tax ride, income disclosure scheme and many to follow. If 2 lakh crores are so simple for a 4-year government then it's up to you to decide.
      Here comes the next big rafale deal, to be honest, India has a history of diversifying in the same content, France deal was proven right and also giving to Reliance was because of steel power which the company possesses. To be frank, this deal will be a masterstroke of independence with diversity against USA and Russia. Congress surplus cash flow for the upcoming election may have a deal with USA arms sales. As India governance is more dependent on money which both oppositions are exploiting to their own side.

      With the implementation of GST, state government norms of making more economy can be well processed. But, it requires a more technical brain for making the new idea of income for state government.

      Startup India is huge plus going forward, also with the USA starting the cold war against China, but India has lower debt to GDP ratio making it possible of stable economic growth around the corner. Unfortunately, hike in petrol and diesel prices are due to export duty of USA. With just 8 months more towards a stable government, FDI investments which are the ideal solution for dollar exchange to rupees will eventually be fed up sooner. If Congress is chosen which might impact the investors as changes in the bill will affect their preceding operations.

     Clearly, Congress won't be great on the upcoming front. People have to choose between BJP and any other options if available.

     Digital India has certainly improved security as India webservers are moving from Microsoft to Linux or open source system. Be aware of news passed as it is creating more impact just on the negative on Indian Government. BJP and Congress are just parties but the NDA government is performing better than congress with the limited opportunity of 8.4 years.

     Don't let another Vajpayee like PM just because of poor opposition casing on Rafale deal without any evidence. Obviously, the current scenario of fuel hike can be solved with just a move of getting another debt which will lead to further interest. Be aware India needs to pay 1.5 lakhs per second as interest to the debt it is prevailing currently.

     These statistics are found on world bank, debt clock and also defense websites.

     If you want to say or troll...make it happen now...Don't just go with proofless data...These are processed data...


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