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Software technologies are also similar to Movies!!!

Software technologies are also similar to Movies!!!

This article gives a view of software technologies growth with respect to a Computer system.
Life is an experience hence all are not full of creativity but at times the world feels something missing. So, for that instance of survival people opt to new choices of life. Interestingly, it paved way for the new iteration of many copycat moments. Easy to find in movies but difficult to understand in technologies as it doesn't have big historical data on it process of the life cycle.
Most of the featured products in certain decades came to power after a long debacle to establish its own market's peak period. Certainty plays its power over this is always explained as a breakthrough. Reviewers of Movies would definitely hit hard at a script than what these technologies meant to us is pretty much a similar kind but with a low number of reviews and also big cooperation between them will hide all these copycat as technologies are seen as evergreen which is actually painted at every instant.
When does cloud computing come, please have a recall and with that remember when it gets boosted. The word cloud is majorly found in the latter half of 2007's and 2008's. But reality proves all those are more scripted to their want by major IT tech giants. Cloud computing is as simple as that it is networked at many places with a PXE boot layers of iSCSi configuration which are found in Unix platform system.
Unix operating system was founded in 1980's and motherboard's in late 80's and 90's itself were found with LAN networked which are PXE booted. This concept paves a way out to server-client concept too. Hence more evidently these technical terms are coined later as the cloud.
To be straightforward, this cloud computing is about layers of OS features which was split as PAAS ( Platform as a service) eg: Windows OS, Application development on OS, IAAS( Infrastructure as a Service) eg: Amazon web services, Azure, Google Cloud, SAAS (Software as a Service) eg: Yahoo, Google and so on. Just Remeber google was started in 2004 and yahoo mail in 1997 will case this cloud technologies. More interestingly like comics become movies and like yearly sequels of those found wanting. These technologies are also rebooted to get their market surviving. When does the term IOT get more popular maybe before 2010? Again dates mismatched actually a parallel industry is already running on huge with this term but as IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things). These are companies who support Manufacturing units with network accessed devices like PLC(Programmable Logic Controller, DCS(Distributed Control System) but they are formed around the year 1994. All technologies are rebooted in the computer system as by other terms and with the help of new software languages which are actually painted. SMTP is a mailing protocol as all of you know obviously what actually it does it send data from one to other via a pipelined network protocol. Accept this as a feature is all damn good but Java has a different library, python has its own SMTP, so does PHP and so on...
s that feature? definitely not. A feature is different it solves a problem but here we are learning stuff without any use.
Purpose of languages is to make the machine and human interaction possible and here it is one dimensional that is windows required .NET, Apple required SWIFT, Android needs Java.
Like Batman series, Superman series and the Justice League in whole non-existence take over the existence of real cinema. These technologies find clash named market which obviously making computer system as complex as possible.
Biggest Question is here...Find a good answer...How many OS are existing here...OSx, Windows, Ubuntu, Linux distros, Android and any more. You can even find more...But Unix is layered as OSx, Windows, DOS, Linux later Apple and Windows stick to its sequels while open sourced Linux finds out many open minds.
By this way, Websites are named apps which again follows online, offline follow Microsoft and Apple strategy of OS applications with Android taking over their the legacy forward.
Are they differentiated? Definitely not...its unity in diversity... To be in the face, we are networked with Limited Access. Computer science needs more artist than just a painter.
These firms wait for the right time or to show up their market fight a new technology is coined in constantly changing sphere technology as very small developments are made in Computer System but populated as huge in time wasting to be dependent on their backyard. It is named to independence which is actually made to be dependent.
More insights on this article are welcomed to make a better statement on the technological front.

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