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Neurology profs.....

Neurology profs.....
The human mind our notorious text style of information. The case which contains all that we know. With all our mind does each part for us have you at any point considered the amount you think about your cerebrum? In this subject, we will give a few Profs of the human cerebrum...

Neglect to get out about it:

Forget about it may be more sound advice then you may have originally thought with all the talk about memory and retaining things we hardly ever talk about forgetting and how important it is to your brain-mind and body. Forgetting as it turns out may prove to be a pivotal key factor in mental health and hygiene, as removing any unnecessary info from your mind helps the nervous system retain its plasticity. Researchers from the University of Illinois in Chicago found that those who are able to forget trivial information seem to be better at Problem-solving and remembering key events, even while they're distracted. So in the immortalized words of Tony soprano forget about it.

It's a win or bust kind of arrangement:

We've all heard it we know how the adage goes you're either left brained and very logical or your bright sided and prosper with creativity. Well according to Neil DeGrasse Tyson and a plethora of other mines from the scientific community this is simply not true. And a largely believed myth the preference of which brain region you use more than others for certain functions is real like speech does emanate from the left side of the brain for right-handed people. But this doesn't imply that great writers or speakers use their left side of the brain more than their right or that one side is richer in neurons. 

Too much food for thought:

Ever been called up fat head before well perhaps you shouldn't be upset by the truth. What we mean by this is that the average weight of the human brain is 3 pounds or 1.4 kilograms or about one to three percent of your body weight. Making it the second heaviest of your internal organs only getting beaten out by the liver of that weight 62% of that is fat making it also the organ with the highest concentration of fat found in a healthy human body. This isn't as bad as it sounds and no dieting and exercise once limit down. In recent years it's gone to show that the fatty acids are among some of the most important molecules that determine your brain's ability to perform. The fat of your brain also creates all the cell membranes in your body. These good fats are known as lipids and our bodies don't manufacture these fats they come from the foods we eat. A couple of good choices to increase these lipids his to eat a lot of raw almonds and avocados.

You’ve got some nerve...but your brain sure doesn't:

Amazingly enough, your brain is the only organ you possess that doesn't have nerves of its own. Despite the fact that it's your command to center for the central nervous system in which 86 main nervous branch from or simply your brain cannot feel a bit of pain as pain receptors are nothing more than nerves themselves the meningeal and periosteal as well as the scalp all have pain receptors as such headaches are caused by the other locations throughout your head commonly from the jawline sinus cavities and neck.

All brains “matter”:

Though most people know the human brain consist of the pinkish gray colored tissue known as gray matter. In which 40% of your brain is made from. Most people, however, are an awareness that it's also made from white matter or substantial alba which composes the remaining 60 %. White matter is made from axons and dendrites creating the network that neuron's used to send out their signals after they have gathered an form together to make up the gray matter along with some capillaries glial cells in your appeal.

Unlimited Power:

We've all heard about how humans use only 10% of our brains right. I mean just think of what we could do if we could use more of it. Hollywood has made movie after movie about this such as the new sci-fi thriller Lucy. Well, that old adage is simply not true for each and every part of the brain has known functions. It also turns out that most of the brain is active most of the time and evidence goes even further to suggest that at any given moment up to 16% of our brain cells are active. Although true that at any given moment all of the brain regions art firing off concurrently, research derived from damaging technology shows that as the muscles of your body there is continuous activity through a 24hour period even during sleep sections are usually always active.

Don't hold your breath:

Even though your brain is roughly 2% of your total body weight it consumes close to 20% of your total energy and oxygen that flows through your body. Making it the largest single organ usage of your energy, this energy is used for basic functions such as yawning and more technical uses like feeling electrical impulses studies from the National Academy of Sciences indicate that though two thirds of the brain's energy is used for helping your neurons are nerve cells to fire signals the remaining one third is believed for cell help the maintenance referred to as housekeeping power. It's important for keeping your brain tissue alive and healthy and many other important biological processes in your brain. So breath deep and keep that brain healthy after all it's possible to lose consciousness after just seven to nine seconds of oxygen deprivation to your brain.

Now here's an idea:

Remember those old cartoons with the ones where a light bulb would shine above the character when they get an idea, well it turns out that it may have a little bit of scientific inspiration after all. Each and every neuron located within your brain possesses the ability to assemble charges which surge across their cell membranes resulting in a small yet important jolt of voltage with the typical neuron containing a resting voltage of roughly 70MV about 4.07 volts. Surely this number seems small but consider the average human brain contains roughly 80-100 billion neurons meaning your brain generates roughly 12-25 total watts of electricity enough to power and run a dim light ball. The main source for all that energy glucose can we say sugar rush.

Do you see what I see?

As powerful an essential as our brain maybe it's still far from being infallible take, for instance, visual an optical illusions these go to show that our minds tend to make speculations and assumptions about what is perceived. Many curious minds have questioned why this happens and we found through various studies. that this process can tell us how we process spacetime to our personal experiences and consciousness. The Ebbinghaus illusion gives us an example of how our brains make judgments based on the location and size of objects. Another illusion called the Ponzo illusion proves that context is core to depth perception simply put reality is subjective. Each and every individual person perceives things in different ways if only just slightly.

That's just a tasteless comparison:

With the size and weight of your brain, you would figure it would have a tougher texture right. Well the fact of the matter is the human brain has roughly the same consistency as tofu or gelatine when the UCSD assistant professor of cognitive science Bradley was asked what it was like to hold a human brain, he replied with heavier than I expected and that without preservation and chemical hardening you couldn't pick up bring up couldn't dissect it. The lack of viscosity of the brain is so prominent that if it wasn't for our skulls the several layers of meningeal and the fluid between them .something as simple as banging your head could cause some serious damage.

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