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Hi everyone first of you all knows the story of Isaac Newton.... he was sitting under a tree and an apple fell on his head. After that, he immediately discovers the law of universal gravitation. 

But this places on earth where this actually doesn't work in today's topic. we can tell you about the five mysterious places on our planet with absolutely no gravity. Ready to learn something new and let's get it on.

          Santa Cruz (California): 
Mysterious place in Santa Cruz. This mysterious place was discovered by the inventor named George Prather in 1939. one day during the walk the man suddenly felt dizzy and noticed that the arrow of his compass which he took with him began to rotate without stopping at a tremendous rate the scientist was very interested in this mysterious terrain and its surrounded by land with a compass was making such tricks after some time he built a house in this area and began to visit and see what miracles were happening. 

And then the mad old building Immediately spread all over California visitors could stand and bend under different unimaginable angles in this mystical place and yet not full. The water always flows up there. People through a bold there this wooden huts it rolled up the hill many said that under this building this a gravity and normally caused by some underground space vehicle or magmatic crater be that as it may no one is ever been able to establish why the house in the usual forest lacked the gravitational force by the way this building is still considered one of the most popular places among tourists and in two thousand fourteen it was even given the status of a historical sites in California.

           Inverted waterfall (Chile)
Inverted waterfall just looks at this strange site yeah there's water full really flows in the opposite direction. You got it right such a unique natural phenomenon can be observed in the Republic of Chile. You probably feel that this is the real magic but we hurried to dissuade you an unusual phenomenon which you would same doesn’t obey any physics Laws also a completely logical explanation the thing is they were the strongest wind that changes the direction of the water flow, therefore, it seems that the water full flows from the bottom upwards, however, this waterfall isn't the only one of its kind several years ago similar anomalies were recorded in India and Australia.

           Mount Aragats(Armenia): 
Another natural anomaly is located near Mount Aragats in the west of all Armenia about thirty kilometers from the border with Turkey. thousands of curious tourists come here from all over the world to see the unusual phenomena that happened it. they all start with the force of the Mountain and observe with a loss of surprise how their car itself starts to go upward with a killed engine, what's more, the river Hey also flows from the bottom upwards you must admit it's a rather strange side, by the way, pull pedestrian say that it's much easier to go uphill and downhill surprisingly the usual gravity force doesn't work at all and this mysterious area for some reason and this is still an enigma for scientists.

           Magnetic Hill (Canada)
Magnetic Hill in Canada. In the Canadian province of New Brunswick, there's one interesting hill were very strange things happen. Here look gravity force doesn't work at all and this mysterious place on all Cars that sent on this road starts to roll up suddenly the unusual property of this route became visible only with the appearance of the cars themselves in the nineteen thirties. It seems that the drive as well obviously shocks that was stopped at the foot of the hill removed the foot from the break-in at this moment the car began to play pranks you probably think that this is the real miracle but some still try to explain this phenomenon some people say that there are ghosts in there. Others think that this is an ordinary optical illusion and by the way this theory is not something like the truth and you can see why to look at this construction because of its relief a slight incline looks like a ride and some people think that that car rolls up but we still can't say that this magnetic hill with this one this is just an illusion because we ourselves haven't been there.

           Hoover dam (US): 
This place is considered one of the main attractions of the eastern part of the United States it's just a head-spinning size. the size and power of this dam some amazing but where is the gravity force you ask if you ever manage to visit this place be sure to conduct the following experiment.

Stand on top of this huge construction and tries to pull water from the bottle down it seems was the fish oil be surprised and shocked the water doesn't pull down as it usually does but on this place it'll quickly flight upwards scientists believe this phenomenon happens because the construction of the dam creates a powerful flow of air which pushes all the objects beyond its edges and if you want to surprise your friends be sure to bring them there in Asking to drop some unnecessary things down the enthusiasm of your friends is short but you keep your eyes open so that nothing accidentally comes to your forehead.

By the way, if you know any similar places in the world artistic comments and don't forget to give us a like we're waiting for you. Thanks for reading this and we'll be right back to you as fast as we can.

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