Form factor, an industrial word but more people's fair mindset.why this is available and what makes many go round on this??
The answer is " Business Tactics" to extend a product lifecycle by introducing the same product as a new one with minimal or maximized features which is formed at the development stage.
Product lifecycle starts from predevelopment stage of idea generation and a product into the market with a tag of form factor which can be something like a sequel of products with one base technology with featured use on other implications over it.
For example, take a mobile which a company gives you some features with respect to the model. On contrary check mobile vs PC where each has the same technology of embedded forms as each like apple which has both form factor in their firm but google have phones and Microsoft has 3 form factor on this, All in one PC, tablet, phones.
Why this is happening ??? it makes a firm to reach many people with one serving as a marketing strategy for other products.
People bought Microsoft phones based on its OS reviews. Consider similarly MAC book paves way for its iPad.Also, people are seeing it as great featured one but the fact is "People got struct into same technologies".They are more limited to Embedded devices and we are seeing foldable PC's which are far too late on technological development stage.
Also, these firms play a big role what people have to get on which time, see AR and VR technologies are available from 2003 and it is not yet boosted and also Cloud computing is available since 1980 as it is base of the computer.
These companies making its time to earn with respect to competition between them. But as people we are also getting new stuff and as we think beyond these things as we are ready to taste a tech we reach new heights but end up being inside these firms category.
Is technology Limited???
But thoughts is no more limited...Go beyond

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