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Influencing companies of World

There are some companies that secretly control the world and influencing the people to their need in daily.dammm......!!

Lockheed Martin: 

With global military expenditure standing over 1.7 trillion dollars every year, it's no surprise the companies producing and supplying weapons exert a huge amount of power over world events. Lockheed Martin is the world's largest weapons manufacturer. They employ 1, 26,000 people and rake 69.3 billion dollars a year in profits. National militaries around the world relay Lockheed. For example, it is the US's largest government contractor, receiving 10 percent of the Pentagon's funds. They also supply weapons to Germany, India, Israel, Japan, the UK and numerous other countries showing the wide-reaching extent of their influence over worldwide conflicts. However, Lockheed Martin's control has spread beyond even this. They spend a great deal of money on lobbying, especially in America, investing approximately 10 million dollars a year into this. They tend to offer their financial support political candidates who advocate higher national defense spending, in order to ensure more investment in their own products. 


Most of the products that you buy road were surprisingly small number monopolistic companies. Take Nestle, for example, they own over 8500 different brands in eighty countries, they start off with the kind of brands you’d expect-aero, kit Kat, milky bars etc. But then there are some products that you probably never imagined would be owned by the chocolate giant- such shredded wheat, Gerber baby food, hot pockets, and Purina pet food.
They also approximately 23 percent of cosmetic powerhouse Loreal, who itself owns huge brands Garnier, Maybelline, and Body shop. And Nestle isn't the only food company whose reach is greater than you’d think. Kellogg's owns big brands Eggo, Pringles, and Cheez-it. PepsiCo owns Quaker oatmeal, Cheetos and Tropicana and crafts acquisitions range from Oreos to Vegemite and Cadbury to Dairy Lea. so how have Nestle used their massive clout? Well, not always well. In 2013, the company was accused of depriving locals in a small Pakistani community of water by repurposing their local well for their bottled water production company ‘pure life’.

 Quanta computer Inc:

Mac vs. PC- it's been one of the biggest rivalries of the technological age. When buying a laptop, a lot of people have strong loyalties to one or the other...and it's a battle that shows no signs of dying down anytime soon. But, at the end of the day, doesn't really matter? HPs, Sonys -all these laptops come from the same manufacturer Quanta computer inc. Quanta is a Taiwan based manufacturer of notebook computers and other electronic hardware, which was founded in 1988. The company has an estimated 31 percent worldwide market share of notebook computers.  With approximately 70%of adults in the western world owning a laptop. This equates to a simply gigantic reach for quanta. it is also grown beyond laptop production and now his fingers in many technological pies. Quanta have influence in mobile communications, GPS systems, and home entertainment. 
In 2011 they even collaborated with Facebook as part of the open compute project, which aimed to create more efficient service, Storage and data center hardware designs.


The industry for pain killer’s antibiotics and vitamin supplements is currently booming, with experts estimating that the global pharmacy market reaches 1.12trillion by 2022. This basically puts a large proportion of the world's population under the thumb of the planet's big pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer. Pfizer is an American based global pharmaceutical corporation making $40 billion of profit every year. It’s the largest research based drug maker in the world with this product marketed in more than 150 countries. The company, therefore, a lot of control over millions of people's wellbeing. The drug giant was fined over $100 million for illegally hiking up the price of an anti epilepsy drug by 2,600% overnight. This directly affected how much the UK’s National Health Service had to pay 53000 people of potentially lifesaving medication.


Pearson is one of the biggest publishers of educational material in the world. Despite being based in London, 60% for its sales go to the states. And it operates in more than 70 countries. The company owns numerous educational publishing giants. For example penguin, Harcourt. Its influence over the American education system is so great that, theoretically, you could be taking Pearson designed tests from kindergarten through eighth grade. You could study of Pearson designed curriculum using Pearson published text books and be taught by teachers certified by Pearson test. And with such a monopoly of the education sector Pearson have been able to hike up prices without anyone really able to stop them. Over the last few decades, the cost of textbooks is arguably increased more than any other aspect of education. Yes- even more than college tuition. According to the Huffington post, textbook prices have increased a whopping 812% in the last 35 years, allegedly because of the reduced competition brought about by Pearson monopoly.


It's no secret that alcohol plays a big role in society. 56% of American adults questioned in a 2015national survey admitted to drinking in the past month.
An estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol related causes every year and excessive drinking costs the health services staggering $223.5billion a year. With such a variety available, you would expect the responsibility for alcohol consumption to fall into a large number of different companies. But there is actually only one company who has a huge monopoly of the beer industry: InBev it owns 46% of the bear market in America and has a net profit of 3.4 million dollars a year. In fact, most of the beers you can buy from the store belong to the InBev beer empire Including Stella Artois, Budweiser, and Corona. InBev also has majority stakes in other huge companies such as Grupo Modelo, which makes most of the beer in Mexico. Basically, whenever you're treating yourself to a beer or two, there’s a very strong likelihood your money will at some point end up in InBev’s pocket.


Bankers are ultimately responsible for stabilizing the economy, which ripples through every aspect of our lives. Their power influences everything from the big scale decisions of governments to the prices of individual food items in your weekly grocery shop. If you combine the worth of the world's10 largest banks, you’d have $25 trillion. This would be enough to fund the US government over 7 years. The industrial and commercial bank of China, the state- owned banking goliath, is undoubtedly the most powerful banks on the planet. It has over $3 trillion in assets and the market value of $216 billion.
And the bank's influence isn't limited to China... ICBC has a foothold in every continent except Antarctica, employing nearly half a million people globally, and they've also extended their control by turning other major banks into ICBC subsidiaries, for example, turkey’s Tekstil bank and South Africa standard bank. 


It is the American giant specializing in agricultural biotechnology- is estimated to be worth the huge $65 billion. Monsanto has in the total control of the American seed market. For example, they trademark nearly 80 percent of the corn grown in the country.T his may not sound like the most influential monopoly in the world, but the corn is actually an integral ingredient of a surprising number of products. corn syrup and cornstarch show up in gas, glue, makeup, soap, toothpaste, aspirin, diapers, and even the humble house brick. Despite its impressively diverse marked influence, Monsanto has established a troubling reputation. It was described by ‘modern farmer’ magazine as the ‘face of corporate evil’. This is, in part, due to its controversial use of GM crops, but also lost the result of those ruthless treatments passes in the competitors. 
These are all the companies that influence the people in daily life.....


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