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How to get free web hosting for life time

How to get free web hosting for life time

This article is all about how to make a low-cost website as just pay for the domain.

Components of a website:

  • A domain name (identity of your site mostly .com,.net etc). It is like a name of a building
  • Web hosting, this like the real building that will be tied up to the domain name.
  • Web hosting is the place where all the contents of your website will be available (HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and more)
  • For buying a domain you could choose many kinds of stuff like,,
  • These sites sell domains at cost of rs.600-900 or even 1k-5k
  • This will be the only cost for you to spend on building the whole site.
Web Hosting: 

  • There are many ways to approach this, free web hosting will be a nightmare to many people because the cost of web hosting is much higher compared to a domain registration.
  • To eliminate this, here by an OFFER for students to get free web app services which are provided for the lifetime by MICROSOFT AZURE.
  • You can Imagine Cup student approval with your identity card and also you are able to participate in global competitions for website building which eventually help to build yourself on a broader scale. 
  • Go to this website and register
  • With the help of your college and email id provided by your college. You are eligible to get most features out of the Microsoft Developer tools.
  • Software packages like Xamarin, Visual studio and free subscription of Azure for lifetime will be activated.
There are also another ways to approach this, AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides 1 year free trail of Virtual machine which would help many to build a website of free of cost except for the domain.

This can be done with sign up for AWS

Both Amazon and Microsoft also provide 1 year web hosting but Microsoft has a web app service which is full free without limitations.

After successful verification just login into the azure portal

Now get started by clicking web app service which have some details of create instance of web hosting.
creating an app service with subdomain name which will be port forwarded later.

After creating the instance, uploading source files will be easier with filezilla client.

Download filezilla client from

Using the ftp link of the azure app, username, password given you will be able to login to files directory.

Now move into www folder and paste it into it.

After completing this, get into the domain provide and port forward your website to the {yourappname} which will be free for lifetime.

Enjoy floks...

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