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How Microsoft reached ROS(Robot Operating System)

How Microsoft reached ROS(Robot Operating System)
ROS - Robotic Operating System

Why it is much more featured than other automation styles - basic answer is it uses the geometic tracking of positions in multi dimensional space.

Core of ROS

  • Communication - a major need of any automation as feedback to respond 
  • Recording and logging - database maintenance
  • Scheduling - time based sequenced operations
  • Robot Geometric Library - transform maps
  • Diagnostics - feature that much to ponder towards ROS
  • Protocols - visualization, Localization, Navigation
  • Tool set - predefined tools for accessible structure and process maintenance
Most Popular Integration with ROS

  • GAZEBO - a simulator which most companies prefers as a common trait to play with other brands 
  • Open CV - a computer camera library providing image processing and AI with camera
  • Point cloud library - this is a big one, as it helps determining the data of a particular point in 3-D space and process information based on that.
  • Move It - a library for finding obstacle of your desired path in moving a particular arm or part, it is also part of diagnostics.
  • ROS industrial - an open source project which are used by many top industries to build a custom or purpose based robot.
ROS have a deep history of being open source as it is possible to get install in most Linux operating systems.

you  can try it out with details here -

 The Main reason for this article starts now...

Microsoft will now getting a new update on ROS installation.

Why ?

As days have been before Microsoft let its users play with command line Linux usage as a console, which is nothing but a so called Windows Subsystem of Linux.

But now, with expansion towards this Microsoft plays its targeted role towards bringing Linux users software into their usage.

People may don't mind big on this but have you ever thought of 2015. The year which Microsoft started its Linux contribution to scale up big on this. Yes, their latest acquisition of GIT HUB is also part of their rise on open source community targeting new developers base.

Before these things why Microsoft choose ROS - reason is again their hardware product called Microsoft Kinect which will be a huge hit in future gaming and AI based automation. Holo Lens which is a part of these integration as future vision of Microsoft is more AI and machine learning is to create a virtual world to unbiased environment.

As Linux is becoming more python based which is only programming language to replace whole world of computing in a single way. In such case Microsoft is resounding Linux from Unix.


Few Microsoft apps for Linux :
  • Visual studio code
  • MS SQL
  • Todo List
  • Git Hub

Future of Computing and Internet is wide open towards free and with Intelligence of algorithm is making hackers to crack will be obvious to strength the gap of secure and insecure.

From a state of software controlled hardware now its world opening towards non control of both.

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