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Future is Mechatronics ...No way out...

Future is Mechatronics ...No way out...
To be Honest it is not a self centered topic, since Mechatronics is way more than what it made to study. Mechatronics is not a study to be straight on face, then what it could be ?

It is the hardcore divisions of high-end technology companies. CNC is first,a division of manufacturing units. IIOT is the division of protocol systems in M2M. Microcontrollers are division of embedded systems. Robotics are division of Automation.

With World moving towards some identity search, it paved out to Mechatronics,

E-Sim is one of the kind, Embedded - Sim makes life a twist in tale. These sim cards are directy embedded inside the mother board of any electronic device.

Why it is the time for E-sim...

What is best mode of communication 10 years back, phones obviously voice calls... but now - VOIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol) with internet taking its large steps ahead which is nothing but a medium of http communication.

Every one opens to internet but since it is more opted to insecurities many companies are fond of solving this. Actually, mobile networks are the real master minds behind these as the road of internet packages are becoming less valuable to earn. These companies are in search of another medium to control the world.

When people are talking more about Internet hacks and internal errors in the http systems. People dont care about calls and sms. Since sms is the easiest way of communication as it works faster in low band width means 2G is much more enough to engage.

With 5G around the corner, what actually it means is nothing bigger. Hyper Text Transfer Protocols will be available with basic encryption (similar to voice calls and text messages).

Why this happend ?

As evolution factor always makes way, Internet is more not under anyone's control but these telecom companies has already established a communication medium which is not open. Ever since all technologies are just made to earn someone else rather than promoting human life style. With E-sim cards more control over data of individuals are made possible because Data is king of monitoring here.

Now, Internet being on the verge of Extinction. here comes the another source, E- Sim. These sim cards are more powerful as localising networks easily as already these tele com companies established the towers to their greater extent.

What can be done?

With E- sim which can be programmed to possible extent, as like arduino or raspberry pi. With Google's soli sensor around the corner, the more automated life are nearing us. All possible programs can be programmed.

Server - client concept is a never ending concept. but that is what keeps us moving towards these encrypting self technologies but it has finally came to an end in Telecommunication sector. Administrator to user is the next step forward for these companies as client features are becoming out dated.

Just consider,in a large forum(server) you replying in a suggestion (client). now it the like facebook, with server and user getting more previlages to customize what is provided. These companies never end the server concept who is the boss.

Will you ever having guts to break this huge barrior of controlling?

E-sim card is just the scope elevator,  it can be used in Car engines, bikes, home appliances and even more scope to provide internet to possible devices.from gigantic systems to micro devices can be made with support of this single sim cards.

3D space tracking of yourself can be made as google already gives maps for two wheeler. It would help them find the next person standing near you would not be a joke anymore.

But what's next ?

So, simple Mechatronize these stuffs - means just automated the world with these sim cards.
People started disliking android apps but programmers need a job to over come these.
To make that happen, lets start writing app for E- sim. Previously USSD codes are written as an application now with E-Sim it is  possible to write that application with IDE(Integrated Development Environment).

Is this over with this? No way---to No way Out...

Embedded systems are the heart of automation, since IOT want to create a market, which is possible with E- sims. controlling your home appliances with phones are mere fun. But it can now be controlled by every sim cards. But just wait, are you allowing someone turn off/on your bedroom light at midnight.

This technology is very serious, as people's privacy again goes for toss. but the more danger is that previously in internet there is no security but now here the security is the layers of telecommunication systems.
You have to trust only these companies data which are readily modifiable.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Airtel started reducing its 2G and 3G customers as it requires more money out of them to build its 5G stature. Now, with JIO only having iphone support will make way to India's dream of Internet.

If you are studing electronics please do projects on USSD codes.These are the future of apps with security.

Future is just to create a shortcut icon for running the USSD code which is the so called app.

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