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Can Transistor turn tables for India 2020

Can Transistor turn tables for India 2020

This article creates a perception of India as an economical build with respect to changes that are bound to happen in coming years. Right, let's start dreaming a bit more on 2020.

Believe it or not,India is more services based country than manufacturing products.Yes,customization is one of the backbone of Indian economy.As every Indian have a dream when will be there a manufacuturing boon to rise the need of Indian products.To be precise, India will be doing it by 2020.

Footprints on the way to reach dream 2020.

India are rich source of Human brains.But what would that can thrive on?? Manufacturing of Electronics is one of the dream for Indians.
People can say electronics needs bigger infrastructure.Yes, an IIT student of Madras is receiving foreign mentorship on funds with respect to his idea of making Cortex microprocessors in India.
Make in India is not just an idealogy but has a big roler-coaster on its path.Then what does Microprocessor is made of?
Silcon,Copper,Gold and Aluminium - where to get these?
Mines is one of the sources and also sand which is second largest material of earth crust.Sand gives Silicon and Aluminium.Sand is also the largest exported material in black market.
A chemical abstracts on Silicon 
Do you know top places for mining in India....?? 
Haryana - 40%,Bihar - 22%, Rajasthan - 13% , Gujarat - 8.4% and Tamilnadu 5%. 
In Tamilnadu,Salem ranks top with 13%,Erode,Coimbatore are also finding spots of silica 
Just think a bit more on how this is made possible - Borewell is not just only meant for water but also finding these extracts.Latest findings showing in the range of 3500 feet (around 1000m). 
Gold,Copper are used for interconnections of wiring in microprocessors hence it is required to minimum. 
Building of Microprocessor - A Large number of transistors 
Transistor - a uncommon on/off switch which have temperature barrier material between two conducting medium which is nothing but Semi-Conductors. 
Transistor have a logic of 0 and 1 state.To have 3200 transistors in Intel's first CPU makes way for Truth table to emulated its possible functions in a good manner to understand. 
Truth Table: 
AND ,OR ,NOT - logic gates with 12th physics showing 0 - 0 ->0,0 - 1->0,1 - 0->0,1 - 1->1...With this 2 power logics are build with transistors are built inside a processor.
Process involved in making CPU: 
1.Purification and crystal of Ingot which provides purity to 0.9999% impurity 2.Silicon is then sliced to disks 3.Polishing 4.Immersed in photo resist layers 5.UV light exposing 6.Photo resist washing 7.Ethcing 8.Material Removal 9.Doping (adding impurities to make semiconducting) 10.Electroplating 11.Layering 12.Wafering 13.Wafer slicing 14.Die making 15.Package 
With the above process,a microprocessor is made to be computed.It differs from orgin and companies to get this process right. 
Motorola is the first company in making it a processor latter with Intel,AMD,Hauwaei and many chinease followers are present here. 
Manufacturing of computers in India will raise its hand in accuracy based manufacturing process with respect to other sectors. 
Good time to invest in companies of silica in coming their market will be raised sooner... 
Microprocessors are not just all that India needed but these industries make way for many tiny ARM processors(mobile) and many computing devices.As people love controlling,they love computing. 
Hope this content helps!

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