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Beyond your life

Beyond your life

Life of Nature 

Expectation of this article is revealing the insights of nature with science and also the way of living.
How life is built on earth? Then read ideas and laws over nature to life.If earth is special place then human beings are also resemble the same.
The biggest quote as many greats mentioned is " Be change you want to see in this world "
Generally, this quote finds different perception but here it explains an idea.World is made of materials like natural resources similarly every living organism is made up of.World has water,soil,air,fire, such a way Humans are also equipped with natural resources.Our truth varies with respect to composition of these things.
As we are with nature as the materials of globe,we thrive to find life.

Physic which doesnt matter as physics matters here.
Life is a science of balancing your own atoms which your are actually create you with respect to time.
As natural resources have forces which makes life happening in your body.These elements of body will always changing with nature.
Best way to control world is to control yourself.Its fun to look at it.If you have tea it will create anger which is due to temperature changes in your body.From every second of unstablity in these atoms moving environment.You have to balance and know the understanding of yourself which now-a-days leads to self analysis.
Days of life doesnt start from birth date,it started with birth of nature.
Even after death,it leads to new form with life existing respect to medium.
Awareness of Nature will make life an art of creating.
Pain,sweet,dream,love - any kind of feel is just due to sensations of atoms moving all round the world and within thyself. 
Everything from happiness to sorrow are beliefs just created with time.Nothing will stand there as a permanent pillar.As human body will create its own responsiveness to world.A chemical factory will make skin allergy is all not due to you and your thought. 
So,Life is an art of nature as your are part of nature.Every soul is individually connected to earth. 
There is life BEYOND YOURSELF hence BE YOURSELF.... 
Hope this content helps!.


  1. Why do you say that the best way to control the world is to control yourself? I mean, why bring in 'control' at all?Even the laws of physics do not aim to control but are simply doing what they do best with a smile on their face, so to say. :)

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