Solution to stop auto touches with broken panel

If the touch panel break is minimal and also phone is more auto touches more then this app is perfect solution for you guys

Download android app Partial Screen

How it works is all simple:

As more android phone are coming with capacitive screen which is ideal reason for heating problem.
Touch screen generally works with transfer of charged particles as a full lenght conductive medium is influenced to change in its pulse with respect to touch makes it responsive.

But what happens with broken piece making touches is all becoming auto touches hanging us collapsed more than everything.

This app is built with library function of both view.touchEvent() and view.pointCapture()

As these function provide a point of touch without human interecation (finds auto touches)

Hence the app with these function of pogramming handles



as these functions provide an idea to enable block spot to the touch screen and doesnt respond anymore in the panel.

keeping it ideal for longer time without any further damage to touch panel...

People can use for certain period of Emergency situations in a much better way...