This is just and idea explanation with logics to implement and make cover for it would be a suitable solution as a product.

Components required for the project:

Raspberry pi Zero - cost of around Rs.750

OTG cable - Rs.10-50

USB cable for Powing Raspberry pi

HDMI cable and monitor for first time usage and not required after setting it up.

Also 8 or 16gb memory card with Raspbian installed in it.

For intalling raspbian follow here

Also connect pi with wifi,after starting up pi,enable vnc from configuration and also SSH

Add normal printer normal computer with connecting usb printer to it and make printer added to raspberry pi.These are very similar to how a printer is added to Windows or Mac or Ubuntu PC.

Now just share the printer to network directly or even installing cups if required.

Now  your printer with raspberry pi will be allowed to printer as wireless and also made possbile with simple steps as above.

cheers guys doesnt require any big thins like changing your whole printer for your system is in some other place.