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Will virat raises his bar again ??? Stay virat till they bow down

Will virat raises his bar again ??? Stay virat till they bow down
As August 1,2018 is nearing the questions are raised over the technique of virat kohli against swinging ball.All though its hot out there in England its not all indian cultured season.

Many cant forget these horrible moments of Virat by virtue of 2014 but its all done and dusted.Here we are in 2k18 with all technology support and with hindrance of all shadows bow to this man.
with bat angled down to third man having a widen stance remembering Kallis(South Africa) a lot to ponder over with minimal back lift and hanging the bat to play more square of the wicket rather than pushing drives against the seaming conditions.Though all these are positive elements but there is an area to look over which is the mindset making play(reaching for it) for the 1st half an hour or so and when runs not coming.He is never used to the run-less sessions which making him bit more greedy.

Solution is so simple I have an idea like sachin dont play drives just get 100 by playing square of the wicket and let bowl half volley to hit in mid wicket region is all that old fashion rahul dravid kind to elegance.Stiff virat to soft minded virat will have to play his part.

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