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Gift values not money...based on tech

Gift values not money...based on tech
Since we are from India,here respect for humanity is always something conditionally changing with time.

Emotions are high flying at times and heart breaks are so easy to happen too.

Everyone is ready to take his time and play with ego is always special as people to try too much to prove their values which at the end having a missery...

No mercy is for ruthless...

No logics for emotions...

but yes it all happens as we human belong to world as meterials of it to prove its 2 and 3 dimensional changes due to gravity.

If gravity is there then technical part of it stands tall.

I believe in technical stuff being gifts are more value as the idea is so simple to execute and also it provides stablity is belief system of everyone.

Be productive in a way you look at stuffs...Human brains can compete but never of being always special...thank you friends...

One such thing is here is a video

Stencil printing using dvd drives based on arduino from shinebeacon on Vimeo.

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