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Quantum Internet of Things - a possible super security, might break through Artificial Intelligence

Do you know?

In 1969, the Internet was first set up with huge telephonic systems to send messages. But now, it's 2019 we are in the life of internet. How many chatting applications do we use,

Gmail, Ymail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts - all these work under one common network under the HTTP protocol. Procedures of general communication are mainly based on the server-client concept. It started from 0's and 1's logic medium pan out to for communication.

Towers around the globe made it even further data world. In such a way, we create an Internet of reality.

But, Somewhere do you feel insecure about these communications?

No, Facebook privacy,Google plus data leak.

Data Leaks are becoming a mandate of daily life. What could be the solution to this problem?

Yes, without Server not all these data Top MNC(Multinational Companies) would not exist, interestingly hackers also won't be there.

Scientists call for Back to basics time and followed Quantum physics, arg…

Artificial Intelligence - A Data Life Cycle

In the last few years, Artificial intelligence evolved from a science-fiction dream to an internal part of our lifestyle. we use AI systems to interact with our phones through Siri and Alexa
Cars like Tesla's interpret and analyze their surroundings to intelligently drive themselves  Amazon monitors our browsing habits and intelligently serves us up products it thinks we'd like to buy.
Even Google decides what kind of search results to give us based on who it thinks we are artificially intelligent algorithms are here but this is only the beginning because in the future AI is gonna change everything but do we want it to well.
"Artificial Intelligence is a way our life works on its own with data provided from IoT(Internet of Things) devices and analytical decision making through Machine Learning over a time to grow over the standard of human intelligence"
Since AI works like a data machine or data human to serve intelligence, data plays a vital role hence IoT.

Ambani vs Jackma and Jeff Bezos in India - Big initiative at Gujarat Vibrant Summit

Reliance Industries Ltd Chairman and overseeing executive Mukesh Ambani today said gathering organizations Reliance Retail and Reliance Jio Infocomm would mutually dispatch another web-based business stage in the nation.

Gujarat would be the main state to get it, he said within the sight of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They both were available at the introduction of the three-day Vibrant Gujarat summit.

The new web-based business venture would engage 1.2 million businesspeople in Gujarat, Ambani stated, adding the organization was focused on making the western Indian express a completely computerized one.

The organization pronounced its December quarter income Thursday and out of the blue, its purchaser organizations, generally, the telecom and retail activities, contributed one-fourth to the incomes. Petrochemicals contributed 42% and refining practically 26%.

Talking at RIL's 41st yearly broad gathering a year ago, Ambani had said the organization intended to dramatically incr…

Data Science, Machine Learning And AI - How these transform travel Agencies

Intoday'sfast-pacedworld, findingtimetotraveltoaticketofficeandgetyourticketsisaluxuryfewcanafford.
Digitaltravelsalesgrewrapidlyoverthelastseveralyears, totaling $564.87billionin2016.

Ifyouaresearchingforsomefreshideasonhowtoputyourdatatogooduse, hereare12applicationscenariosformachinelearninganddataanalyticsinthetravelindustry.

SimilartopersonalizedcontentsuggestionsonNetflixorthe "FeaturedRecommendations" boxonAmazon, onlinetravelbookingprovidersoftenprovidetailoredsuggestions, basedonyourrecentsearchesandbookings.


Followingthispattern, onlinetravelagenciescanoffercarrentaldeals, alternativetraveldatesorroutes, newtraveldestinationsbasedontheuser'spreferencesorevensomerecommendedlocalattractions.

Thus, smarttoolswhichmonitorandsendouttimelyalertswithhotdealsarecurrentlyinhighdemandinthetravelindustry.

TheAltexSoftdatascienceteamhasbuiltsuchaninnovativefarepredictortoolforoneofourclients, a…

The Blockchain and IOT Convergence

Internet of Things (IoT) has been making waves and fascinating the technology circles for some time. Creating a secure ecosystem of the IoT architecture has been an issue of the technology architects. Converging the blockchain technology with IoT can solve these issues is another which is being brainstormed.
We shall start our discussion by first understanding the basic building blocks of IoT infrastructure and its limitations. Then we shall discuss the blockchain technology in brief. We shall then study the feasibility of convergence of IoT and the blockchain technology.
IoT Basics:
Any IoT architecture can be represented by four basic building blocks: 1.Things: These are the uniquely defined nodes or primary sensors to communicate without human interaction using various connectivity methods.

2.Gateways: These are the intermediary channels between “Things” and the cloud to provide connectivity, security and manageability.

3.Network Infrastructure: This comprises of the routers, aggregators…

Why python more important to data science than other tools

Programming Languages are just like a movie screenplay, arranged in an order that makes the most sense. Some people just express it with just logical expression in a limited structured syntax.

Now, What is python? why we need this more than other languages?

There are only a few languages which cover the entire computer system and Python is one such.

Python can be used in

OS (example ubuntu)Embedded system (Microcopy)AutomationWeb development (Django, flask frameworks)Web scraping (Beautiful Soup)Application UI (Tkinter)Machine Learning (Scikit Learn)AI (Neural Network)OS testing (PyCon)NLP(Natural Language Processing)Data Analysis (Numpy, Pandas)

With the wide range of libraries and ever growing language where 0's and 1's make a huge contribution, Python can never be neglected.

Since data science is more of making data analysis and getting data into a structured.

Python can be used in

Data collectionData cleaningData ModelingData Analysis

and also with future of making a predic…

Data Science - a rise of standard in making decisions in India

In India, a person doesn't have a procedure to do a work which is inflicting the standard of products they make termed as " Second Grade"

For example, Data in agriculture would educate farmers and even predict their market and also help them do farming efficiently over years. but, the loan waiver has been the solution for years till now.

Every practice gives previous data to make a decision for the next cycle. Since data is helping the world move towards the next things in a better way.

Y? why not? a Data Science change the standard of Indian Grade.

If marks are there for students to judge or predict a students performance, then why not all business get data and evolve better in making the rise in product, service, marketing in rich resource side.

Hence, Our first step toward Data science has just begun,

We are interested in providing Data science basic tutorials and also this website will be used as a group learning to find data and explore the unseen insights in all a…