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The First real threat of Artificial Intelligence - killing Individuality

The proud owner of Tesla Inc, Elon Musk's co-founded open source organization working on making a path for safer Artificial Intelligence.

Last year, They created a video game AI model got attracted by beating the best of players, appreciated globally for their feature work.

Currently working on Text Generators which have taken about 8 million documents of data to get trained and made a predictive model out of it.

The New AI model, called GPT2 is so good and the risk of malicious use so high that it is breaking from its normal practice of releasing the full research to the public in order to allow more time to discuss the ramifications of the technological breakthrough.

When used to simply generate new text, GPT2 is capable of writing plausible passages that match what it is given in both style and subject.

The amount of data GPT2 was trained on directly affected its quality, giving it more knowledge of how to understand writ…


Do you really see Love in Everything in this World?

Technically speaker would argue on this as No. But, with respect Technology being our domain do we agree.

Yes, We are in a world of Love. Purpose of Life is Love.

Why love stands firm for decades?

I remember Simon Sinek talks about the success of people and calm reveals a secret behind them as Golden Circle.

He technically proved what love can be and what the world stands for is just a purpose.

There are a lot of business models that help to make money double within a few months but there is none to assure the future. But, this golden circle explains an uncommon way of life in the world.

Why you do something?

People fastly answer in their way to point a basic reason. Why I should go to a job? They might say like to earn money. Actually, WHY? is a too powerful question and it represents purpose than what we commonly answer.

WHY should be an infinite answer or something that cannot be fulfilled. We need a proper WHY to complete a circle o…

Rapids - Empowering CPU in Artificial Intelligence

As we live in 2019, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence were taking on autopilot in various fields since data getting doubled up each coming years. Data Science reaching a point of becoming mandatory in every business to empower on its own.

Yet, the real side of Data age still in the transition period in the technology life cycle. There are many proven results on AI and Machine Learning making a business learn from the past to predict the future.

Why Artificial Intelligence on CPU important?

Artificial Intelligence has been revolving around a few applicative methods like Machine Learning Algorithms for the recommendation of a product(Amazon, Flipkart), Predicting Credit and Debit card usage by banks, AI cameras in latest phones and also for Vision-based systems for Auto Driving vehicles, Natural Language Processing in making sentiment analysis for customers favoritism and their support to liabilities like social media sentiment analysis.

But, these are more self-centered around th…

Introducing a new platform from Techiebouncer

Every Human has a life on its own creative style. As People of Brainsight came to several schemas of the standard of life. Sometimes Common Sense Matters, We study and get to know a large amount of Data in everyday life.
Believe You Can We believe of what we hear, then since the world is more fast-paced we pounder on the larger part and start taking everything for granted, eventually leading to unknown viewpoints in the ground level of knowledge.
Hence, Building a forum for any question on data can be discussed and answered in a proper way to evolve a contribution and taking information to raise the standard of creditability of our own decisions will always strike goals better.
Here we introduce one such forum,
Let us ask more questions and become better in making decisions with data.
Every Question will Encourage...Every Answer will Ensure...

IIT Madras students takes preventive measure in Riots and Stone Pelting using AI

In India, Protest is not just a word, more than emotion, its part of daily life. Some people protest for months in silence and make their way in amending the causes of the problems or even shutting down factories.

But, Politicians, Lawmaker, Lawbreakers don't like such valid questions in many cases. They have several precautional steps towards avoiding these protest like having a dispute between two groups.

At some stages, Protest would eventually become riot causing death without any probable reason and hunting people down have been a fashion altogether in many places.

Accusing the people in a major riot is almost impossible but IIT, Madras students came up with a solution of using Artificial Intelligence to find the people behind the scenes.

The Usage of CCTV cameras obviously found increasing over the last 3 years since Indian Police largely recommending to make it mandatory at maximum places to secure evidence.

IIT students use predictive modeling based on an action recogniti…

Science and Language = Information(inference with Data)

If Life is all about the process then, Human life cycle leaves a mark with data. We all know the journey of numbers and language sync across culture. But, all these are just to make us work towards improvement in efficiency.
For playing data and its science, the first step is the scaling it. Let's consider the last 200 years on the graph.
The Educational systems, the evolution of physics research and the laws for building a system got transformed into huge mechanical. But, inside of every huge military equipment or inside a bulb - one thing stands out - Science
To be precise, the numbers and language put in a logical manner after hours of testing to make sense at all possible cases.
From Mechanical systems, our turn around into Electrical systems have been more of a symphony of science, gives birth to electromechanical systems.
Electrical lifestyle is a boon making an in and out competition over mechanisms. Huge sized mechanical systems reduced into a featured one with electrical …

A 3D printed biggest Bridge - Future of Building in Reality

Technology makes curious rise and fall with time but this rise and fall help human to evolve around their lifestyle.

Ever since the cartesian systems, built-in 3D space have shown a great sign of its usage over improving accuracy. A 3D printer can be used for DIY methods to high-end sim card or processor making classifies a huge impactful technology transforming the life of every sector.

3D printer revolves around various stages to be here as it started from CNC machines, Engraving Machines, Printers and also few automated robotics systems.

Robotic operations marked up the working of degrees of freedom which makes ideal dilution to the 3D printers.

Future of 3D printing has been predicted to massive growth in various sectors as customization to 3D objects demanding the individual concepts for required purposes.

But, here is a Chinese bridge which has been 3D printed for about 86feet height and 12 feet width in just 18 days. Tsinghua University needed only 450 hours of printing to fin…